Darwin Accelerated: Building a Better Tomorrow


Edited by Harry 'NukuNookee' Gates

Graphics by Greg 'Laughing Vulcan' Lissandrello

Based on the original stories "Darwin Accelerated" by Leighton 'Zor' White and "Darwin Gaiden" by 'Borias'.

Mahwah, New Jersey – Five and a half months before Primary Activation

Sitting in his home office, Allen Thornton clicked through the final pages of the ordering system and entered his credit card information to complete his order. Almost three thousand miles away in Sacramento, the Sphere analyzed the order and cross-referenced it against numerous databases. Completing the analysis in nanoseconds, it sent instructions to the ordering module to confirm the order and begin the delivery process.

The computer screen in Thornton's home cycled to a new page, "Thank you for your order. We are sure that your selection of Gynoid GN-1/35/472C Danielle and Gynoid GN-1/35/472P Nina will provide you with years of pleasure. The shipping process has begun, and you can expect delivery in 2 days." Allen read the passage quickly, in his excitement failing to notice the duplicate serial numbers. He printed the receipt before shutting down for the evening and heading upstairs. As he slipped into bed next to his wife, he muttered, "You win."

"What?" Sarah asked, "You bought one?"

"Two," Thornton replied.

"Two?" his wife repeated in surprise.

"I figured we could use one for household chores and the other to run errands. We can afford it. It'll give you more time to focus on your charity work downtown."

Satisfied, Sarah settled into Allen's arms and the couple drifted off to sleep.

Two days later, Eric Thornton was engaged in his usual after school activity. Eric was almost mid-way through his senior year of high school. Instead of studying for midterms,
he was playing X Box live online with a number of friends, when the door bell rang. He opened the door, finding a delivery man with an electronic tablet standing next to a large shipping crate.

"Delivery from Fei Robotics for Allen Thronton," he said, handing the tablet to Eric to sign.

Eric signed for the delivery, handing the tablet back to the delivery man who returned to his truck. Giving little thought to how one person could have handled the large crate, Eric turned his attention to the box. Back in the truck, the gynoid disguised as a deliveryman relayed a message to the Sphere: "Delivery completed as ordered."

Eric fumbled with the box for a few minutes before he managed to get the lid open.

A set of identical blue and white gynoids lay together in a loving embrace. Eric grew a little hard by the sensuality that they seemed to exude. The gynoids activated simultaneously, sat up in unison, and climbed out of the crate. As they stood side-by-side in the doorway, the pair spoke together, creating a bizarre stereo effect in Eric's ears. "Are you Allen Thornton?" they asked.

"Uh, no," the teen stammered. "My dad's at work. You want to come in an' wait for him?"

The pair looked at each other, and then entered the doorway, following Eric back to the family room.

As he sat back down to play his video game, he couldn't help but be distracted by the feeling that the pair of gynoids was watching him a little too closely.

About an hour later, Eric's twin sister Erin came home from her study group. The fraternal twins couldn't be less identical. Beyond their gender differences, Erin was an honor student who was involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Eric was what was commonly known as a slacker. Allen had tried to get Eric involved in management of the properties he owned, but Eric was content to play X Box all day and lounge by the family's pool during the summer. Allen had already decided not to waste his money sending Eric directly to college following the twin's graduation from high school this year. Instead, he would set him up with a job working for one of his tenants that operated a building supply warehouse. Eric would learn the value of hard work while Erin was off studying in business school. Hopefully Eric would realize the need for a college education on his own.

"They're here?" Erin asked.

Eric nodded, not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

"When did they get here? Did you call dad?"

Eric didn't answer, but Erin knew her brother hadn't called. She took out her cell phone, calling her dad and explaining the situation. He told her that he'd be home later.

Sometime around eight in the evening, Allen finally came home. Danielle and Nina hadn't moved in over four hours, standing still, sentinel like, on either side of the TV.

Allen came from the garage through the kitchen, explaining to Sarah that he had been held up at a property closing on the empty warehouse next to General Building Supply, the tenant he had lined up Eric to work for.

"Allen Thornton?" Nina asked.

"Yes," he answered.

"Delivery to owner completed as ordered," both gynoids stated in unison. Continuing, they introduced themselves, "I am unit GN-1/35/472..." before realizing they were still talking together.

With a shared glance between them, Nina restarted, "I am unit GN-1/35/472P Nina. You may call me Nina." Following a moment later, Danielle replied, "I am unit GN-1/35/472C Danielle. You may call me Danielle."

Allen invited Dani and Nina to sit. He explained that they were the first gynoids the family had owned, before telling them what their new duties would be. Nina was to do the household chores. Dani would run errands for the family, manage the purchases, and the like. When Dani asked about any personal tasks, Sarah drew a firm line, "No sexual contact of any sort."

"Yes," Allen agreed, "Sarah and I are very happy with each other, and my children are still minors. So, sex with anyone in the family is off limits. We are a very close family, and we intend to look at each of you as members of that family as well."

Nina and Danielle smiled at his words.

"We have a pair of rooms prepared for you upstairs," Sarah offered.

"We require only one room," Nina answered.

"Kinky," Erin whispered to Eric.

Over the next three months, the Thornton family settled into a routine with their gynoids. Nina concocted the most delicious meals, and Danielle had the household running like clockwork. She organized a stunning party for the twin's eighteenth birthday, and Nina baked a four-tier cake for the event.

Danielle did such a great job with the books that Allen and Sarah soon stopped monitoring her purchases. Both were thrilled when Dani told them she had saved enough for the renovation projects that they had always wanted to do. Allen put her in touch with his contacts at General Building Supply, and she ordered the materials directly from them.

The extra sand, charcoal, and silicone that she ordered went unnoticed….

After a week, Dani explained that doing much of the renovation work herself was taking its toll on her systems, so Sarah authorized a purchase of a large quantity of maintenance fluid which arrived in three fifty-five gallon drums.

Eric stayed at home with Dani and Nina as the rest of the family spent spring break touring colleges she had been accepted to, since he had to work.

The day before the rest of the family was to return, Eric lounged by the pool most of the afternoon, enjoying his day off. Nina came out, offering him a drink. As he took a sip, Eric tasted the alcohol in it at once.

"What's with this?" he asked.

"Your parents are away, you're an adult now, so I thought we could have some fun," she explained, before extending her blue hand to Eric and leading him into the renovated lower level.

"Dani just finished her work on the shower," Nina whispered. "Why don't you join us and christen it."

Danielle was already in the shower as Eric and Nina entered. Nina slipped off Eric's swim trunks and led him inside. Danielle stood behind him and massaged his body as Nina lowered herself to her knees and took Eric's cock in her mouth. Eric rocked his hips back and forth as Nina's blunt 'teeth' rubbed against his shaft, his hands drifting to Nina's head as he felt Danielle's nippleless breasts on his back. As he felt the cum rise from his balls, Nina pulled his hands to his sides and held them firmly. Cum shooting into Nina's mouth, Danielle pulled a breathing mask over Eric's head.

"What are you doing?!" Eric exclaimed.

Nina looked up at Eric, a line of his cum dribbling down her chin, before her blue tongue flicked out to lap it up. "When I invited you join us, I didn't just mean to fuck in the shower. Your family is going to join the family of gynoids and help us remake the world. You're going to love being turned into a gynoid, sister."

"I know I did," Danielle whispered in his ear, "And with this conversion chamber I've built, you'll be one of us in no time."

Eric screamed into the mask as arms extended from the walls of the shower, grabbing him by the wrists and ankles. The water coming from the shower head turned to a blue, viscous fluid, as even more of the liquid flowed up from the floor drain. In less than thirty seconds, all three of them were submerged in nearly twelve-hundred gallons of liquid, filling the sealed chamber Danielle had built to look like an ordinary shower.

Studying the mechanical arms which held him tight, Eric noted a pair of tubes ran down each, ending in a thick needle which stung like the dickens as they penetrated his wrists and ankles. As soon as the silver material flowing down one tube of each set reached Eric's body, he was wracked with intense pain for a moment, afterwards feeling only a strange tingling sensation as the nanites took hold. Dani came around to join Nina at Eric's now dainty, feminine feet. His body shrank in all dimensions as unneeded biological material flowed from him, up the other tube in each pair. The nanites worked quickly to round out Eric's hips, narrowing his waist and remaking his body with soft, shapely, womanly curves. Danielle and Nina paid close attention to Eric's crotch, and he couldn't help but be aroused by the novel sensation of his testicles and penis being pulled into his body, leaving him with entirely female genitalia. Dani and Nina took turns, licking Eric's new pussy with expertise. He soon came, in spite of his terror, as his chest finished its expansion into a marvelous C Cup rack.

Panting into his… or is it now her mask, Eric tried to regain her composure as Nina and Dani stood next to him.

"Why, why did you do this?" he shouted in a voice that was much higher and sweeter than the one he had always called his own. Not unsurprisingly, it reminded him most of his twin's vocal tone.

"Mankind is to be reborn," Nina answered. "You will understand everything when your processing is complete."

"Look!" Dani exclaimed as she glanced at Eric's feet. "Your final stage has begun."

Eric was shocked yet again as his toenails peeled off into the liquid and dissolved. The flow of silver material increased, and what had slowed a trickle of red returned to a torrent as Eric's time as an organic life form drew to a close.

Eric's horror continued as his toes fused and his feet turned emerald green. He lifted his hand to his face and screamed again as his pinkie descended towards his wrist, thickening into an additional thumb. His new hands and forearms turned green to match his silicone boots. Pure white skin of a gynoid followed further up his arm. When Dani and Nina returned their tongues to the enlarged, white nub that Eric's clitoris had grown into, newly formed pleasure circuits fired, and all of Eric's fear was gone. He felt only pleasure, and he wanted more.

Eric's hips gyrated and he enjoyed the feel of his silicone palms against his newly formed breasts. His nipples disappeared as his chest swelled and firmed. Yellow accents and bra markings formed, differentiating from the pale white on Eric's torso as the processing chamber completed its task.

Eric felt new drives and motivations fill his more organized mind. His eyes filled with black, erasing the iris and making the whole eye solid, glassy obsidian as a result, while his nose receded into his now pale white face. As the final lines of programming entered Eric's central processor, his hair finished its growth into a green, solid silicone, shoulder length hairstyle.

With just ten minutes total elapsed time, the process was complete. The drain opened and the conversion fluid flowed back into its holding tank. Water sprayed the trio of gynoids, and Danielle removed the breathing mask. The green and yellow gynoid opened her visor eye for the first time, gazing around the room in wonder.

As instructed by her programming, the newest robot stated aloud, "Gynoid conversion complete." She looked lovingly at Danielle and Nina and said, "I am unit GN-2/138/036C Erica, you may call me Erica."

"Greetings Erica," Danielle said. "We have much to do."

Erica agreed, and the trio of gynoids set off on their tasks. Erica collected some of her former biological material. Nina went to Erin's room and retrieved some hair from her hairbrush. Meanwhile, Danielle got the used condom she had recently found in Allen and Sarah's bathroom garbage can. The gynoids reassembled at the Jacuzzi in the master bathroom. Dani filled it halfway with water and added sand, silicone and charcoal. Then each gynoid added the biological material to the mixture, before infusing the solution with a batch of nanites from the injector in their left hand.

They retired to Dani and Nina's bedroom for the evening, where the more experienced gynoids showed Erica the blissful pleasures of cybernetically enhanced sex.

In the morning, Erica rose first. She went to the hot tub and retrieved four flawless, fully functional, silicone human replication suits. Three she hid in her closet, putting on the fourth and final one. After she closed the seam along her back, Erica was perfectly camouflaged as her former self. To all but the most discerning eye, she appeared to be the eighteen year old high school student she had been the previous afternoon. When her future sisters-to-be returned that evening, none of them noticed the sizable changes Erica had undergone.

The following day, Erica made her way to school. Throughout the day, she observed everything with her new senses. Most of her classmates were still organic, with a few exceptions. Erica recognized that her math teacher Mrs. Brousseau, who had been scheduled to retire after this year, was now (and would forever be) a youthful gynoid, GN-2/138/015C Elise.

Sitting in English class, a transponder signal told Erica that Tony Giordano, captain of the soccer team, was now GN-2/138/021C Tanya. Somewhat surprised at finding a fellow converted student, Erica initiated a detailed scan. It revealed that Tanya was a pale skinned, dark visor eyed gynoid with burnt orange boots, sky blue hair in a solid silicone pig tails style, with gold and silver accents beneath her human replication suit. No trace remained of her former life as a human male inside that suit. Just like Erica, Tanya was ready to add the next being to gynoids' group mind, helping them along the path to the next step in evolution. Tanya turned to Erica as the scan completed and nodded to her fellow gynoid in acknowledgment.

Finally as she left for the day, Erica smiled as she recognized that Larry Hardej, the school's authoritarian Vice Principal, had become yet another sister, GN-2/138/018C, Lori. From their serial numbers, she could tell that the teacher was the first to enjoy the gynoids' gift, followed by the VP and the soccer star.

Erica continued to fulfill her new role in Adria's master plan, hiding in plain sight. After school she went directly to General Building Supply, and began her shift there. Between mundane clerical tasks that Erica completed with ease and physical labor that took little attention, she relayed important information to her gynoid sisters about the facility's operations, materials and facilities.

Three weeks later, Erica returned home late one evening. Allen and Sarah were away at a real estate convention, leaving the gynoids to keep an eye on their young adults. Erica was eager to plug herself in to her charging station after a long hard work day to replenish her battery supply, when she found Erin and Danielle talking in hushed tones at the kitchen table.

Erica knew that Danielle and Nina had been studying the rest of the family for quite some time, looking for the next opportunity. Erin's computer and cell phone were scanned constantly, as the gynoids evaluated the optimal method to convert the young woman. They knew that Erin was curious about the lesbian relationship between the gynoids, and the shared passion that they enjoyed. Erin's bedroom was next door to the one that Nina and Danielle had chosen. To stoke the flames that dwelled within Erin, Nina and Dani had engaged in a loud and spirited lovemaking session the night before.

Erica went to her room and connected herself to the charger, knowing that her presence would likely only hinder their prospects. As the charging process began, she opened a communications port with Danielle. Her computerized brain processed the input, and Erica could see and hear the discussion between her old, organic sister and her new silicone one as if she was sitting in the room with them herself.

"So, how good is it?" Erin asked.

"My relationship with Nina is quite satisfying."

"But, I mean the sex. You two were really going at it last night. That has to be good."

Danielle didn't say anything. Her scanners read a multitude of signs from Erin, preparation, pupil constriction, heart rate.

"-but you two have only been with each other, so you probably don't have anything to compare it to," Erin finished after a moment's hesitation.

"I have had a number of diverse experiences," Danielle commented. "I can say, without a doubt that sexual relations among gynoids are THE most satisfying and fulfilling…"

"-but being a machine is much better than being human." Danielle let that statement hang in the air for several seconds, until Erin began to comprehend what she was saying.

"You mean you were …" Erin whispered.

"A human," Danielle answered. "Yes. I was privileged to undergo the process that converts a human into a gynoid."

Erica analyzed Danielle's scans of Erin. She knew that, based on her unique hardware links with Dani, Nina was monitoring the situation as well. All three gynoids recognized that Erin was intrigued, more than ready to join them.

"How? … where?" Erin stammered.

"How is not important," Danielle answered. "Just take my word for it can be done."

"Where," Nina announced, as she entered the room, "can be right here, in this house. We have created a conversion chamber that is very effective."

"Would you care to see how effective it is?" Danielle asked.

Erin could only nod with her mouth agape.

Deciding that the time was ripe, Erica disconnected herself and marched downstairs. A few seconds later, Erica came into the room still wearing her replication suit. Grinning widely, she reached behind her back and pulled herself out of her skin to reveal her true form.

"As you can see, your brother has already experienced the joy of evolution," Nina said.

"Eric," Erin whispered.

"I am Erica now, GN-2/138/036C."

"Erin, would you care to become an identical twin?" Danielle gigglingly asked.

In response, Erin took Erica's hand and the group made their way to conversion chamber. Erin stripped off her clothes without hesitation and waited patiently as the shower filled. The arms extended and pierced Erin's wrists and ankles, as another fitted a breathing mask over her face. As Erin shuddered in the arms tight grip, Erica consoled, "It only hurts for a moment."

"That feels odd, … but good." Erin exclaimed.

Silver nanites flowed quickly into Erin's body as blood and tissue flowed out. "All of a sudden, I'm hungry for a tube of silicone," Erin chuckled, "including the metal tube and plastic cap." Erica laughed at her sister's little joke.

Erin's feet quickly changed into a pair of emerald green boots, the bone structures within reformed from calcium to titanium.

"I should have talked to Fei Robotics about joining them a long time ago," she said reverently, "I'm actually turning into a gynoid, for real!"

Erin began to masturbate. She plunged her three, green fingers into her transformed pussy as the pair of thumbs on her right hand fondled her newly enhanced clit. The new sensitivity of her pale white skin only enhanced her pleasure. Erica felt a faint echo of her sister's pleasure, growing stronger by the minute as new links were forged between them.

Erin shivered as the nanites joined her with the group mind. She reported, "My systems just reported increased nanite activity in my chest, this is SO COOL!"

With her free hand, Erin rubbed her expanding chest as her nipples disappeared forever.

"My systems just reported increased nanite activity in my head. More, faster, please."

In a matter of moments, Erin's conversion was finished. Less than five minutes had elapsed, though Dani and Nina's record time hadn't been broken.

She was sprayed clean, and the new green and yellow gynoid stepped from the chamber.

"Gynoid conversion complete," Erin stated.

"I am unit GN-2/138/042C Erin, you may call me Erin."

Erica walked to Erin's side, and hugged her identical gynoid sister tightly. The couple fell onto a nearby couch as Erica spun around and began licking Erin's new robotic pussy. Erica sucked Erin's artificial clit as she writhed in ecstasy. Erin didn't hesitate from diving into Erica's sex. As Erin drew the nub of Erica's synthetic sex between her blunt teeth, she felt the sensation echo strongly in her own mind. The gynoids pleasured each other for several minutes, until both came in unison and squirted a healthy dose of peppermint fluid into the other's mouth.

Six weeks before primary activation

Allen was driving in to the office in the early morning, when he got a panicked call on his cell phone from Sarah.

Sounds of struggle were in the background as he heard his wife plead, "Robots, crazy, Erin, help!"

Allen pressed his wife for details, but the line went dead. He spun the car around, and called 911. Allen listened as the dispatcher took down all the details and promised to send a patrolman to the house.

In the police communications center, the scene was quite different. The dispatcher sat dispassionately waiting to take a call. The disguised gynoid had surreptitiously patched herself directly into the communications equipment. This allowed her to field calls from panicked humans like Allen and promise them help that would never come. The humans around her never had clue about what was happening.

Allen pulled into his driveway and raced into the house calling to Sarah. The residence was eerily silent, as he noticed Sarah's cell phone smashed on the floor of the foyer. He saw the door to the basement was open and the tattered nightgown Sarah had been wearing was draped across the stairs. Allen moved down the stairs with all the stealth he could muster.

In the spacious bathroom Danielle had constructed, he saw his two gynoids and another identical pair he didn't recognize. They stood around the shower watching Sarah struggling within. She was submerged in some kind of thick blue liquid, and something about her hands and feet looked odd….

"Don't fight it, sister," one of the unfamiliar gynoids said in a voice that sounded strangely like that of his daughter Erin.

"All mankind is to be reborn, mother," the other unknown gynoid said. "Enjoy the bliss of our electronic existence."

Allen scanned the room, looking for a weapon. Grabbing the driver from his set of golf clubs, he yelled a battle cry, storming into the room. Knocking Danielle aside, he swung the club at the wall of the chamber with full force.

Allen's blow broke the golf club in two, but it didn't leave a scratch on the clear wall of the shower. Whatever it was made of, it wasn't a normal shower door!

"Assign Allen Thornton as priority 1 target for conversion," Danielle said as she rose from the floor, "Find route to Allen."

Danielle turned to Allen. She barely missed him with the hypodermic nanite injector in her left middle finger. He swung the remains of the club at her again. When Danielle registered damage from the attack, the other three gynoids in the room declared him a priority target and turned toward him. Allen ran from the bathroom, but he was quickly encircled by the gynoids.

They attempted to inject Allen over and over. "Watch out," Nina warned sarcastically, "this finger is really loaded." As each would get into injection range, he would knock their hand aside with the stub of his golf club. A few pricks from their fingers made it through, though he would quickly knock it away before too much could be injected. He still felt a worrisome burning around each of the welts that were left where they'd broken his skin, followed around each by a growing tingling sensation.

Moments later, he heard the chamber slide open as Sarah announced her completion in a chirpy, slightly electronic voice, "I am unit GN-2/138/052C Sarah, you may call me Sarah." He watched as she emerged from the bathroom. She had deep purple boots and gloves, short bobbed magenta hair, black bra markings and insert and gold accents on her shoulders and thighs. Although her face was completely inhuman, an innate femininity showed through. Allen could see still see traces of the woman he loved in her visage.

Sarah walked toward Allen. He drew the stump of the golf club back, ready to impale the advancing robot. Sarah continued to move forward with her arms spread wide. Unable to strike his wife, or whatever she was now, Allen dropped his weapon and fell onto the couch, crying. Sarah drew Allen close and kissed him with her purple lips, "We're just trying to help," Sarah stated as she plunged her nanite injector into Allen's neck.

Allen suddenly felt a strong connection form to the gynoid group mind as he lost control of his body. It directed him to enter the conversion chamber for final processing. He stood and walked directly into the chamber and waited for it to dissolve his clothing and process his body. As the process began, he could swear he heard a whisper of his wife's voice in his head, "Honey, relax and enjoy this. Gynoids are smarter, stronger, more dexterous, more agile, and faster than humans. We won't fall prey to disease, never losing our self-healing synthetic beauty. All your sisters love you, you'll learn to love them in return."

Within ten minutes, Allen was done. After a cleansing rinse to remove the last of the maintenance gel, she exited the conversion chamber, standing before her completed family. Following her programming, she stated aloud, "Gynoid conversion complete. I am unit GN-2/138/053C Alana, you may call me Alana."

The gynoids gazed in joy at their newest sister. She had golden boots and gloves, black hair drawn into a pony tail style, and purple markings with green accents. Alana scanned the room with her single visor eye and took in the family of gynoids her 'net order to Fei Robotics had created. Alana drew Sarah into a loving embrace and grew aroused as their silicone bodies rubbed together.

Alana noticed the remnants of her cell phone lying on the floor, it having been smashed to pieces in the struggle. In an instant she determined the device's cell network configuration and programmed her built-in transceivers to the proper frequency and encryption. Once complete, her central processor placed a call.

"Good morning, Thornton Properties," her receptionist said.

Alana had already set her voice synthesizer to emulate her former human voice over the cell network, "Moning, Carrie," she responded.

"Are you OK, Mr. Thornton?" the receptionist asked, "You sound a little different."

Nothing was wrong with Alana's software, she had intentionally configured the voice to sound just a bit off….

"Well Carrie, I'm feeling a little under the weather. Not quite myself today."

Sarah chuckled to herself at her mate's understated description of what she'd just gone through, as, like the other gynoids, she monitored Alana's conversation, ready to back up her story as needed.

Although all of the gynoids could communicate through data transfers much faster and more efficiently than by speaking words, Erin whispered aloud to Erica, "Be right back," before she dashed out of the room.

"I'm going to take the day off," Alana continued. "Cancel my meetings for today."

"No problem," Carrie answered.

"What's on for tomorrow?" she queried.

Alana could hear Carrie tapping at her keyboard to pull up the next day's schedule. "You have a 10 o'clock appointment with Mr. Poe of General Building Supply, but that's it. Do you want me to cancel that one too?"

"No," Alana replied with a smile. "that meeting's too important. Keep it on please…"

"…and, Carrie,"

"Yes, Mr. Thornton."

"I've arranged for an upgrade to our phone service. A sales person should be by tomorrow morning to give you a demonstration the new wireless headset that the system uses. Make sure you give her your full attention."

"Um, OK, Mr. Thornton," Carrie replied in a doubtful, halfhearted voice.

Alana knew that her receptionist had always been afraid to try new technology, but she was confident that was about to change, since Carrie was about to become new technology.

"Thanks, Carrie. This is cutting edge stuff, I know you're just going to love it as much as I have."

Carrie and Alana were saying their goodbyes when Erin came back holding her camera.

"I always loved to scroll through the Fei Robotics online catalogue before I was converted," Erin recalled. "Looking at the sexy gynoids always got me so turned on. I want to take a group shot of the the six of us now. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire some lucky woman, or man, to become one of our sisters that much sooner."

The family lined up against the wall as Erin positioned the camera, before squeezing in between Danielle and Erica.

"Everybody hold the presentation pose and smile!" Erin ordered. Once everyone was ready, she triggered the camera to snap the shot, using her internal systems to emulate the camera's remote.

The image file was quickly uploaded and routed to Adria, who was absolutely thrilled with how lovely the family turned out.

Now that other concerns were taken care of, the gynoids moved to the master bedroom for an orgy that lasted all day and well into the night. Around midnight, Danielle and Nina retired to their own room to celebrate their accomplishments in private. The four new gynoids continued to pleasure each other without regard to who they had been as humans. Such concerns no longer mattered: They were all sisters now, and they celebrated how they would soon bring this joy to the entire world.

The next morning, Alana woke in the center of the king sized bed to the pleasant sensation of a slick tongue licking her pussy, recognizing that the time was precisely 06:03:17.42 . She was lying on her side, sensing Erin spooned directly behind her, and Sarah behind Erin holding them both. One of Sarah's purple gloved hands moved to fondle Alana's breast. Erin bit down playfully on Alana's shoulder and grunted when Sarah drove her other hand into her snatch. Erin wrapped her arms around Alana's waist, grabbing her thighs to pull the newest gynoid's legs wide for Erica's probing tongue. Alana returned the favor and began thrusting at Erica's pussy with her own tongue.

After the four of the gynoids achieved several pleasurable releases, Alana donned her human replication suit and went with Erica to secure their position at General Building Supply. With the ample warehouse space next door and materials the company held, they could build more than 500 conversion tanks. That would give them the capability to process at least 80,000 humans a day. When the word came from Adria, they would be ready. In addition to preparing the facility, they began to choose which of the staff to process first. After all, they couldn't build 500 tanks by themselves in the next 6 weeks… so they would invite some new friends over for a quick shower.