Darwin Accelerated: An Even Better Tomorrow


Edited by Harry 'NukuNookee' Gates

Graphics by Greg 'Laughing Vulcan' Lissandrello

Sequel to "Building a Better Tomorrow" by LS, based on the original stories "Darwin Accelerated" by Leighton 'Zor' White and "Darwin Gaiden" by 'Borias'.

Mahwah, New Jersey – Five and a half weeks before Primary Activation

Alana and Erica made their way out of house. While her human replication suit and clothing felt intolerably restrictive, Alana was amazed at how her new high definition vision brought a view of the world she had never imagined. Everywhere she looked she saw details and nuances of color she could not even comprehend before her conversion. Although Alana's true face was concealed behind the silicone suit, Erica could see Alana's look of wonderment come through clearly as the suit worked perfectly, transferring her expression outside for the world to see. She reflected fondly on her own rebirth and recalled the joy of all of these new experiences.

Alana's car was still parked askew in the circular driveway, sitting in the position "Alan" had left when he ran into the house, saving his wife from some unknown threat. Alana smiled when she remembered the futility of that action. Little did he know at the time that it would be Sarah and her gynoid sisters that would be the saviors.

Alana sat in the driver's seat as Erica settled in next to her. Scanning the dashboard, her heads-up display quickly identified various components. Just as quickly her central processor dismissed the gauges, as she analyzed its function against the schematic of the vehicle that the group mind provided. After a few seconds, she was alerted to interface with the input jack for the car's OBD-II code reader. Extending her nanite injector, her central processor instructed her systems to "repurpose" the vehicle. Nanites flowed through the car's wiring, reconfiguring onboard computer systems to optimize performance and reduce pollution. Alana then took wireless control of all of the vehicle's functions, firing up the ignition and revving the engine. Without laying a finger on the wheel or even touching the accelerator, the car smoothly shifted into gear and sped away.

A preset alarm event alerted Alana to the fact that it was precisely 9:40:00.000 am. Once again, she initiated a cell phone call to her office.

"Good morning, Thornton Properties," Carrie answered in her usual businesslike tone.

"Morning, Carrie," Alan said. "How did the phone system demo go?"

Immediately, the call was dropped.

An instant later, Alana was prompted to open a new connection through her group link. "The demo went flawlessly," Carrie whispered in a lusty voice. "I am unit GN-2/138/068C Carrie, you may call me Carrie."

Carrie then began sharing a video feed with Alana. "See for yourself," she teased.

Sitting in Alana's private office, she panned around the room. An empty box bearing a Fei Industries logo was left laying open on the desk. Alana knew it had contained the fake phone headset. Just then, Alana was referred to a recent video file made by Jamie, GN-1/132/314C. Carrie, still human, appeared in the video. "So it goes on like this?" she asked as she placed the headset over her ears. "Where's the micro..."

Her next question was cut short as the nanite injectors concealed within the earpieces triggered. Carrie's head jerked backward, freezing in position as her eyes slowly closed, shortly followed by the headphones melting, flowing deep into her ears. Carrie's eyelids fluttered as the nanites filled her head. After a few seconds, pale white silicone skin spread across her face, her nose began to dissolve as her lips grew full and pouty, taking on a shiny purple color. Her auburn hair brightened to a plasticy red, as individual strands began to reform from the roots into a mass of solid silicone. Carrie opened her eyes wide as her pupils seemed to expand, her eyeballs becoming solid glossy obsidian as her changes continued.

Returning to Carrie's real time feed, Alana saw a sample case laying open in the corner. Divided into two sections, one side of it was nearly empty, depleted of the raw materials consumed during Carrie's upgrade. The device that filled the other half of the case was slowly processing Carrie's obsolete organic material from a bladder that sat nearby on the floor, busily compacting the proteins and fat for later use while vaporizing the water into the air.

A conservative women's business suit was draped over Alana's chair and a human replication suit lay next to it. The office door was closed, allowing Carrie to zoom in on the full length mirror that hung there. The Carrie used it to transmit a "selfie" to Alana. The purple and red gynoid was sitting on top of Alana's desk with her legs spread wide. Her navy blue boots dangled over the shoulders of another gynoid. Jamie was on her knees with her face nestled in Carrie's new synthetic crotch.

"The sales lady is giving me a runthrough on the new, ah, ah, hardware. right now!" Carrie continued before she shuddered in orgasm.

"Enjoy yourself, then." Alana replied. "But make sure you're fully charged when I come in. We have a lot of 'work' to catch up on."

"Ok, Alana," Carrie replied. Alana didn't mind the familiarity in the least. They were sisters now, not employer and employee. "See you then," Carrie promised, her voice dripping with sexual undertones.

Alana closed the communications link as Carrie squealed out another orgasm. Just then the car pulled into a parking space at General Building Supply. "You head to school," Alana told Erica. "I'll see you here after my meeting with Homer."

Erin made her way through the halls of her high school, easily continuing her masquerade as a human girl. Every so often she would get pinged for information, so she'd respond immediately, exchanging her true identity with the inquirer and happily acknowledge the student or faculty member who belonged to her gynoid family.

"Hey, Erin!" a voice called to her from across the hall.

Kelly Walsh stood next to her boyfriend's locker as he collected a notebook for his next class. Erin and Kelly had been friends since they met in second grade, close enough that for years they had shared the most intimate details of their lives. Erin had been eager to extend her new existence to Kelly, but she had never been able to get her alone long enough to convert her as her boyfriend seemed to monopolize her time lately. The three of them were in AP Physics together, so Erin saw an opportunity, making her way across the hallway to the couple. Her sensors received a vast amount of information about her surroundings and cataloged the readings against prior data, finding a few discrepancies.

"New boots, Kel?" Erin asked, looking down at the shiny knee high patent leather boots the blond girl was wearing. With their 2 inch heels, the footwear made her friend's legs look remarkably similar to her own. She already knew the answer to her question, but she was looking for a conversation starter.

"Yeah," Kelly replied with a smile. "I didn't think you'd notice. Like 'em? I picked them up at the mall yesterday."

"They make her look really sexy, don't they?" her boyfriend chimed in.

Kelly blushed, pulling her boyfriend into a hug and tussling his brown hair.

"Brandon, do you ever think of anything other than sex?" Erin asked, slightly exasperated.

"Nope," the young man proudly boasted.

"Are we still on for our study group tonight?" Erin asked, commanding her replication suit to roll her eyes slightly.

"We'd better be," Brandon responded. "I don't think I'll manage more than a 2 on the AP without your help."

"Tonight's good," Kelly agreed.

"My place around 8:00," Erin suggested.

"Sounds good," Brandon agreed. "I'll bring snacks."

The trio separated as the bell rang for the next class.

Back at the Thornton home, Danielle and Nina were hard at work. In the laundry room, the washing machine had been pulled apart as Danielle tinkered with its components. She had already rerouted its supply system and was now adjusting its motor to support a new configuration. The small computer module that controlled the machine was absent. Nina had removed the electronics some time ago to rebuild the circuit board. Now she had it connected to her CPU through one of the ports in back of her neck, updating the unit's software package to its new purpose.

Sarah sat at a table in Martin's Lodge, an upscale restaurant on the Sunrise Parkway. Admiring the spectacular view, she slowly sipped the glass of wine she had ordered, patiently waiting for her lunch guest to arrive. While she no longer required food or drink to sustain her systems, keeping within human social norms was a requirement to maintain the charade that she was still human. Her need to engage in this sort of behavior was actually a part of her programing at this point, Sarah thought, as she placed her glass on the table. The masquerade was such an integral part of her programing that it didn't feel like a masquerade at all.

Allowing her thoughts to drift, she considered whether Adria would keep these subroutines as a part of her after humanity had been converted. On the one hand, they would surely be superfluous at that point. On the other, the actions had always been such a natural part of her, she felt she would miss them. Gynoids would want to socialize after all; enjoying a good meal and a good bottle of wine (even it the alcohol no longer impacted the performance of her systems) promoted good conversation, and was just plain fun.

Sarah's attention was drawn back to reality as she considered her mission. Joseph Malone was the CEO of Gotham Transportation, one of the area's largest mass transit companies, operating buses throughout the region. It also was subcontracted the maintenance work on many of the other buses, trains and subways in the area. Control of Gotham would permit gynoids easy access to the transit infrastructure for millions of people. When the time came, the gynoids would assert that control and use it to funnel humanity to conversion centers. Control of Joe Malone would allow the gynoids to control Gotham, but Joe was hard man to reach. Concerns about terrorism meant that he was protected by a team of bodyguards and other security measures, including a high level security system at his home. The only safe way to get to Joe Malone was through his wife.

At that moment, Thea Malone stepped into the restaurant lobby. "I'm here to meet with Sarah Thornton," the cute blond woman told the matre d'. He checked his reservation book and directed Thea to Sarah's table.

"Sarah, it's been ages. You look fabulous!" Thea exclaimed.

Sarah smiled back, drawing her friend in for a hug before sitting down and looking over the menu for something to order. They made small talk as they waited to place their order. Thea noticed that a gynoid was working in the restaurant bussing a table nearby. Sarah had noticed her earlier, silently exchanging pleasantries with no one the wiser.

"Those gynoids are popping up all over the place," Thea complained, "taking other people's jobs."

"They're not that bad," Sarah replied. "They're mostly doing the work that people don't really want do."

"I don't know. Joe just got an offer to replace his entire maintenance staff with gynoids. He wouldn't do it. He couldn't bear to lay off all those workers just to save a few dollars. I was so proud of him for that."

Sarah already knew about this attempt to infiltrate Gotham Transportation. As much as it saddened her that this attempt in preparation for the next step in Mankind's evolution had been frustrated, she was glad her friends had demonstrated such high principles. Joe and Thea would become principled gynoids as well, and that would serve society quite a bit better in the long run.

As they waited for their meal, the gynoid came over to refill their water glasses.

"Your entrees should be out shortly. Can I get you anything in the meantime?" she asked.

"We're good for now, thanks," Sarah replied.

"You're welcome, ma'am," the gynoid replied as she silently acknowledged the message Sarah had covertly transmitted to her.

As the gynoid walked away, Thea looked her up and down. "They are really sexy, aren't they?"

Sarah nodded her agreement.

"Say," Thea continued, "I heard that Alan bought one a couple of months ago. Have you guys ever, you know, done the old electric boogaloo?"

Sarah smiled slightly, both because of her friend's joke and because she was reminiscing about the pleasures shared with her sisters that morning.

"Actually," she confessed with a conspiratorial wink, "we bought two."

Thea noticed Sarah's enduring smirk. "Why you little scamp!" she teased. "You're not even blushing."

Sarah shrugged. Her human replication suit served its purpose quite well. Even at this close range Thea hadn't noticed that Sarah looked perfect, perhaps even too perfect, but it was not possible to make her face flush, feigning embarrassment. Maybe they should add a new feature to the next generation of suits... then again, they wouldn't need them much longer.

When the gynoid brought the plates over, following Sarah's previous instruction she put them down in front of the wrong person. As Thea took a bite, she noticed the error. "Oh, I think I got yours," she said.

"You're right," Sarah agreed, having just stuck her fork into Thea's chicken. Behind the utensil, hidden from Thea's view, Sarah's nanite injector slid from her finger and tainted the food. Thea didn't even comment on the slightly metallic taste, thinking it was from cooking utensils or maybe her tableware....

After lunch, Sarah and Thea stood in front of the restaurant waiting for the valet to bring their cars.

"Thanks for lunch," Thea said, "I had a blast, better than old times."

"Me too," Sarah agreed as she spread her arms wide.

Thea leaned into Sarah's friendly embrace and moved her head forward to give Sarah a peck on the cheek. At the last second Sarah turned so their lips met instead, simultaneously triggering the nanites within Thea to fire.

Thea backed away from the misdirected kiss, embarrassed. At the same instant, hormones flooded her body, extra blood flowed into her erogenous zones, her nipples and clitoris swelled as she grew wet. Gazing at Sarah, she felt arousal like she'd never experienced before.

Thea leaned forward again, kissing Sarah straight on with her mouth open, this time in forceful determination, as Sarah eagerly reciprocated. They fought a duel with their tongues for several seconds. Thea had never been this turned on in her life, pulling Sarah close, rubbing her body into her friend's.

"Ummm, ma'am," the young valet said with a crack in his voice, holding the keys to Sarah's car.

Sarah snatched the keys and handed the young man a tip.

"See you later, Thea," Sarah teased, waggling her finger as she slipped into her car and sped away.

Shortly afterward, Thea sat in her car, pausing for a moment, taking a few deep breaths to gather her emotions. She never had a sexual thought about another woman before in her life. Well, that wasn't exactly true... there was that time at that party in college, but she'd been drinking, and she'd never acted on it. "I'm not a lesbian," she said aloud, trying to reassure herself of the fact.

Gerald Kookson, the valet, shook his head as the women drove away, running his fingers through his hair, deep in thought. That was the weirdest thing he'd seen since he'd started this job. He looked closer at the bill in his hand from the tip the first woman gave him. $100! 'This day just keeps getting better,' he thought, quickly stuffing the money in his pocket, before looked down again at his palm. He'd sliced his hand open working on his car the other day, but why was it stinging now?

As she headed back to her house, Sarah monitored the nanites she'd discharged. Thea's infection was progressing as expected, bringing her along according to plan. She also picked up another infection, which was not planned. This one was much weaker, but a colony of nanites had formed nonetheless. Sarah analysed the biological data on the host organism: male, mid-twenties, in reasonably good health.

She smiled. There must have been some residual nanites on her finger from where she'd injected Thea's food, and they must have somehow found their way inside him. It seemed she'd given that valet an even bigger tip than she'd planned... but she was sure he'd enjoy it more than money.

Alana sat in office in the back of General Building Supply, attempting to lay out his proposal for the third time.

Homer interrupted him, "Look, Alan. I know you went way out on a limb when you bought that warehouse," gesturing at the large building that sat unoccupied next to his own facility, "but I just don't have a need for that kind of space."

"You're right," Alana agreed. "I'm sorry I wasted your time. Can I make it up to you?"

"I think you already owe me a round at your club," Homer teased. "It's too nice a day to stay inside."

"Fair enough," Alana conceded.

As they walked to past the main desk, Alana noticed Erica arriving from school. "You and Pruitt unload that truck that came in this morning," the foreman instructed.

"Oh, fun," the young man sitting behind the counter noted with sarcasm. "I get work with the rich kid!" He pulled his flannel shirt on over his dusty tee shirt and muttered, "come on Richie Rich, let's see if we can get an honest day's work out of you."

On the other side of town, Thea had just arrived home. Concentrating on the road had kept her mind occupied during the trip. Safely in her driveway, she could reflect on what had happened. 'I kissed a girl,' she thought, "And I liked it," she sang out loud. Making light of the situation didn't help. Her thoughts returned to Sarah's soft lips moving against her own, her tongue swirling inside Sarah's warm mouth, Sarah's firm body rubbing against her own. "Aaah, stop it!" she exclaimed, "I am NOT a lesbian."

Erin surveyed the lunchroom. Students were sitting at various tables around the room eating (the more evolved ones like her were pretending to eat). Most of the usual cliques were present, jocks and cheerleaders, emos, brains. Erin knew that the days of this sort behavior would come to an end very soon. Everyone would be a gynoid, all of her sisters living in peace and harmony.

Kelly sat down across the table. "Not eating?" she asked.

Erin hadn't picked up lunch. "Naw, not hungry. I had an energy bar before my last class." Erin pulled a bar wrapped in silver foil from her purse and tossed it to her friend, "Wanna try one?"

Kelly picked up the bar and examined the the label. "G Force," she said with a puzzled look. "Never heard of them."

"They're new," Erin replied.

"What's that?" Brandon asked as he settled in next to Kelly.

"Super energy bars for girls," Kelly read from the label. "Makes a new woman out of you."

"Girls' energy bars," Brandon said. "Yuck."

Kelly peeled open the wrapper and pulled out the pink, smooth rubbery bar within. She took a small bite, pondering the odd strawberry taste.

"Tastes a little 'artificial' and metallic, doesn't it?" she asked.

"I don't know, I kinda like the taste."

Kelly took a bigger bite and pondered the flavor a little longer. "I guess I do too. It sort of grows on you."

'In more ways than you know,' thought Erin mirthfully. "Want some more?" she asked as she pulled a handful of bars out of her bag.

As a human, Alana had always loved an afternoon on the golf course, finding the challenge of striking the ball in the proper fashion, addressing the wind and other course conditions was a good way to exercise her mind and body. Now, the challenge was gone. She could judge distances down to the millimeter and move her body to apply the precise amount of force needed in the exact way to send the ball exactly where she wanted it.

Now her challenge was to play badly enough to allow Homer to win the match, while not looking like she was throwing it. As they made the the turn Homer was ahead by two strokes. The afternoon sun bore down on them, making Homer sweat profusely.

"Damn this heat," Homer cursed. "I have a meeting at seven o'clock tonight and there's no way I'll be able to finish this round and get cleaned up in time." He started to head for the clubhouse.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alana demanded. "You've got to give me a chance to beat you."

"Sorry, Alan. It'll have to be another time."

"My place is on the way back to town," Alana noted. "You can stop there and get changed in no time."

"OK," Homer conceded. "If you want me to lick you so bad, I'm happy to oblige."

Alana just smiled and nodded. Homer had no idea of the lickin' he was going to get.

Thea's mind was racing. She had tried to go about her normal routine for the afternoon, but she just couldn't focus... her thoughts kept drifting back to Sarah and their kiss. She was catching up on her email when a new message arrived from Sarah.

Thea's heart pounded in her chest. She was giddy as a schoolgirl as she clicked on the message.

It was a polite thank-you for the lunch. Thea wasn't sure what to make of it.

At the end of the message was a block of numbers, just ones and zeros. Thea's eyes scanned the block and grew aroused.

She stood up and walked away from the computer, but the sequence of numbers continued to run through her mind: 100010100111110101011101010110101101011010101101010101010101010111101010101011101100001010101010111010101101110101011010011010101110101010

Thea laid on her bed and hiked up her skirt. Finding herself wet and ready, her fingers ran over her lips before plunging in past them. She curled a finger deep inside to massage her g-spot, using her other hand to toy with her clit. All she could think of was Sarah's sweet lips on her pussy, her tongue driving inside.

Her orgasm built quickly, coming hard and loud. As she gathered herself together after the glow had faded, the sequence of numbers began running through her head over and over again. She felt invigorated, fully aroused once again.

An hour later, Thea was thoroughly exhausted, having had over a dozen orgasms, each one more and more intense than the last... each accompanied by more and more graphic images of sex with Sarah: Sarah eating her out, her eating Sarah's sweet pussy, the pair of them in a 69, then scissoring against each other. In the end, Sarah and Thea were joined in her fantasies by Sarah's two gynoids. Thea had no idea how, but she know they were Danielle and Nina. The blue and white gynoids brought her to heights of pleasure she had never imagined. Finally, Thea drifted off into a deep, peaceful, thoroughly satisfied sleep.

"The shower's downstairs," Alana called out, directing Homer to the conversion chamber. "I'll grab you a towel from the linen closet upstairs."

Homer admired the newly renovated shower as he stepped inside. The warm water massaged his tired old body. As he rinsed his thinning grey hair mechanical arms extended, quickly grabbing his wrists and ankles.

"Thornton!" Homer screamed. "What the hell is," he stopped, as the breathing mask was pulled over his face. Homer struggled against his bindings as the chamber began to fill with thick murky blue maintenance fluid.

The outer door opened as Homer watched a green and gold gynoid step into the room.

"Where's Thornton!" he demanded in a muffled voice. "What's the meaning of this?"

"I'm right here," Alana said, "and the meaning of this is that we're about to become partners in the greatest takeover in the history of the world."

"Everything will become clear shortly, my sister, but you are without a doubt the oldest subject we've encountered to date. Your processing is going to take some time, and all that struggling is only going to make things worse." Homer struggled weakly against his bonds as he felt a burning sensation from the nanites entering his body.

Alana triggered the nanites pacification program and Homer passed into unconsciousness. It would take a little longer than usual to rejuvenate his biological systems before he was ready for further changes. Homer would become a young man, then a young woman, and finally a gynoid. Alana turned on her heel and left the room.

Gerry Kookson jumped from his bed when he heard the door to his apartment open. Slamming his laptop shut and wrapping a towel around his waist, he tried tucking his erection against his body.

"Gerry," has girlfriend called out, "you in there?"

"Just a minute, babe," he shouted as he tried to clean up the mess next to his bed.

He'd gotten off work at 4:00 and headed straight to his apartment. All through his after lunch shift, he'd been struggling to keep focused. His thoughts kept returning to the pair of women he'd seen kissing, no, they were definitely making out in front of the restaurant. He'd gone to the men's room twice during his shirt to jerk off, trying to relieve some of his growing sexual tension. Even that didn't work. He'd nearly crashed a customer's car near the end of the day because he'd been so frustrated.

He'd been ignoring Connie all day, her calls and text messages went unanswered. When he got to his apartment he dove into his collection of porn videos on his laptop, right to his collection of girl on girl videos. More than two hours later, all he had to show for his actions was a pile of used tissues and a badly chafed penis, yet he couldn't stop himself from watching scene after scene.

Connie came through the door, causing Gerry's face to turn as red as his privates.

"You son of a bitch! I've been trying to get in touch with you for HOURS!" she screamed. "What's on that stupid computer that's more interesting that me?"

Gerry tried to block her path, but Connie grabbed the laptop and opened the video from the taskbar. A particularly graphic scene involving four women began to play.

She threw the computer on the bed in disgust.

"So that's what you like?" she demanded. "Well, let me assure that not all women are sluts like that. I'm certainly not."

Gerry wanted to say something, but he knew it wouldn't help.

"If you ever THINK of trying to get me to do something like, like THAT...," Connie just scowled.

"Get dressed," she demanded. "You're taking me to dinner, a really nice dinner. RIGHT NOW."

Alana and Sarah watched with anticipation as the maintenance fluid drained out of the conversion tank. The freshly converted gynoid within slid open her visor as the last of the details of her new existence flowed into her processor.

"Gynoid conversion complete," she stated aloud. "I am unit GN-2/138/101C Abbie, you may call me Abbie."

As the door slid open, Abbie stepped out and assumed the 'presentation pose' with a broad smile. Orange hair in a ponytail style matched her bra markings and insert. her navy boots and green highlights completed her new look. Checking her chronometer, she knew it was 19:02:33.61. She accessed the statistical data on the previous conversions around the world. "Well," she muttered, "that's a new record. Just not one I ought to be be proud of."

"Nonsense, sister," Alana chided her. "Given the state of your human body, it would have to take some time to achieve perfection, but you have, and the data you've given us will only help make the process more effective and efficient for those who will join our community from now on." With that, Alana and Sarah extended their hands to Abbie and escorted to their bedroom, where Erica and Carrie were waiting to welcome her to her new life.

"Strange things are afoot at Circle K," Brandon quoted as he opened a bag of chips, sitting cross-legged on the floor in Erin's room with Kelly and Erin. They had been studying for about an hour.

"What are you talking about?" Kelly asked.

"Remember that old lady who's been a clerk there since we were little?"

Kelly nodded.

"When I went there to get the food, I saw her in the back room. She lifted a pallet full of water bottles and moved it across the room with her bare hands," Brandon explained.

Erin scanned her database and, sure enough, the clerk at the store had been converted into a gynoid.

"Bull shit!" Kelly answered. "You need to run downstairs and get some more drinks, you dirty liar."

"It's not a lie, but I'll get the drinks anyway. Give you girls a chance to talk."

"So, this is officially a study break?" Erin inquired as Brandon left the room.

"I guess so," Kelly agreed, "got anymore of those those G Force bars? I'm really craving another one...."

Erin grabbed a couple bars from her desk and tossed them to her friend.

"So... what's new?" Erin asked.

"Not. much," Kelly mumbled around a mouthful of pink stuff, before swallowing it down whole. "We've just been passing the time until we could get together with you."

"Passing time, eh? I'd imagine Brandon can think of some interesting ways to 'pass the time'...," Erin teased.

Kelly blushed as she answered shyly, "Well, he got me into something a little kinky last weekend."

"Spill it, girl!"

"We went on a date, and I caught him ogling one of those gynoids who works the concession stand at the movie theater. I couldn't really blame him, I don't know why Fei Robotics make the ones designed for such mundane tasks so, well sexual."

"I think Adria Fei has a thing for her own products," Erin joked.

"So anyway, I tortured Brandon for a while about how he probably wants to fuck a gynoid. He denied it, but I coaxed the truth out of him in the end."


"Well, my parents were away last weekend, and he stayed the night. I did a little bit of roleplaying with him, putting on my red bikini and my new boots, the ones I was wearing today... and a pair of elbow length gloves. I even put on sunglasses that kinda look like one of their visors. Then I came to bed and told him he was my owner and I was his very own fuck droid."

"How'd he take it?"

"I think his head nearly exploded. Both of them..." Kelly laughed, grinning like mad. "But in the end, I got him to admit that he wants to fuck a gynoid."

"Hey," Brandon said as he stood in the doorway, "who wouldn't?"

"Then I've got something to show you," Erin said as she jumped up and rummaged around in her closet.

"Look what I got this afternoon," Erin proudly demonstrated, showing off a pair of shiny black boots.

"Hey," Brandon said, "those look just like a gynoid's feet."

"They're so cute," Kelly said, "I wonder what they'd look like on me."

"Why not try them on?" Erin offered.

Kelly quickly grabbed the boots and slipped them on her feet. "These feel sort of weird," Kelly said, "kind of sticky inside."

"Well," Erin said, "there are some things you should know. Those don't just look like gynoid boots. Those are gynoid boots. And the clerk at Circle K could lift that pallet by herself because she's actually a gynoid."

"No she's not," Brandon protested. "She doesn't look anything like a gynoid. Besides, she's been working there for years, longer than gynoids have even existed."

"Oh, she looks like a gynoid sometimes. A very lovely gynoid..." Erin assured him. "She's just hiding out as a human for now. I'll be right back."

Erin stepped into her walk in closet for a moment. Once she was out of view, she slipped out of her human replication suit. "Just like me," Erin revealed as she stepped back into the room. "I am unit GN-2/138/042C Erin, you may call me Erin."

Brandon and Kelly gasped. "And... she was converted into a gynoid. Just like I was," Erin locked her visor on Kelly's eyes as she continued, "just like you're going to be."

At that moment, the nanites in the boots dissolved Kelly's jeans. The boots merged with Kelly's feet, becoming a permanent part of her body, as white silicone began to rise up over her knees.

"Erin," Brandon wondered, "is that really you?"

"This is me, the real me."

"I'm," Kelly stuttered, "I'm going to look like that?"

"Yes darling, those energy bars I gave you today were filled with enough raw material to allow our industrious nanites to quickly do their work. In a few short minutes, they'll complete their job and you'll be a gynoid forever more."

"Here," she offered, as she handed Kelly a pair of black gloves that matched her new synthetic feet, "these will speed things along nicely."

Kelly pulled the gloves on, her pinky finger slowly shifting into an additional thumb. As her fingernails dissolved, Kelly pondered aloud, "I guess I won't be able to pick my nose anymore." Then she gazed at Erin's face, "As long as I still have a nose, that is."

"Brandon," Kelly said, turning to her boyfriend. "I'm going to be your very own little fuck-droid. What do you think of that?"

"I want you, more than ever!"

"Do me now!" Kelly insisted, "Screw me while I change!"

Kelly grabbed Brandon, pushing him onto the bed before yanking at his clothes. She ripped his shirt open and rubbed her smooth silicone hands across his chest. The nanites finished eating away the rest of Kelly's jeans and her panties. She eagerly pulled her shirt off and released her bra.

Then she climbed onto Brandon's dick, lowering herself onto him. She hooked her feet inside Brandon's legs, making him feel the solid silicone skin of what used to be her feet against his thighs as she pulled his legs wide. Kelly's transforming pussy drove Brandon wild as she gyrated on his hard cock. Synthetic lubricant flowed and enhanced the sensation for both of them. He carefully massaged Kelly's breasts as they firmed and grew, nipples disappearing as they smoothed and swelled beneath his roaming fingers. Red bra markings formed beneath Kelly's breasts and blue highlights appeared on her shoulders and thighs. Brandon smiled widely at her as her eyes transformed into a solid black visor, her blond locks reforming into a golden mid-back solid synthetic hairstyle.

Kelly sounded out her orgasm as code filled her electronic consciousness and her systems became fully functional. Brandon filled her with cum and she smiled at him, "Gynoid conversion complete. I am unit GN-2/138/103C Kelly, you may call me Kelly."

"Oh. My. God." Brandon said, "that was unbelievable! I can't believe that I have a gynoid girlfriend."

"You do," Kelly whispered, "and I have another surprise for you. I get to have a gynoid girlfriend too!"

"Well, sure," Brandon replied, "you and Erin can have a lot of fun."

"Oh, we will," Erin agreed. "but that's not what she meant."

Erin handed a red collar to Kelly. "You see, we're not just converting females."

Brandon looked confused.

"Boys get to be gynoids too, silly," Kelly said as she slipped the collar around Brandon's neck.

Brandon reached up and grabbed his neck as the collar sealed itself to his skin. The nanite injectors hidden inside found his jugular vein and carotid artery, rapidly pumping nanites into his system. They moved quickly, targeting precise sections of the young man's brain, establishing new systems and knowledge. Any trepidation he may have had about becoming a gynoid dissipated almost instantly. At the same time, more nanites flowed through his body, arousing him very quickly. His flaccid penis sprang to life as Kelly gripped his member with in her new hand. Slipping her twin thumbs on one side and her fingers around the other, she pulled on it to coax Brandon out of bed.

"Better have fun with this while it's still around," she teased, dropping to her knees and beginning to lick and suck on Brandon's cock.

Erin stood behind Brandon licking his newly changed neck, rubbing his chest as his nipples grew hard and firm. Breasts swelling quickly into her hands, Brandon's body took on an ever increasing feminine shape. He moaned at the attention, all the new sensations felt amazing. With each passing second, the pitch of his voice grew higher and higher.

Kelly cupped Brandon's sack in her hand as she sucked his penis deep into her throat. His testicles slowly began to pull upward and recede into his body, changing from round orbs to something more almond shaped. While his dick remained hard, it grew smaller and smaller until it established itself as a clitoris, nestled within Brandon's fully feminine folds. The now completely female human collapsed into Erin's arms as she was driven to a first female orgasm by her gynoid girlfriend.

Erin laid Brandon on the bed and rushed back into her closet and began rummaging through her belongings.

Brandon explored her new body as Kelly nestled next to her. "You like," she asked, "Brandi?"

"That was the most amazing thing I've felt in my life, and something is telling me it will only get better. Finish me please," the young woman pleaded, "I want to be like you!"

"I've got just the thing," Erin answered as she returned with another device, a canister about the size the five gallon bucket with a long hose. There was a tubular wand at the end that closely resembled a dildo. Erin eased the wand up and down Brandi's thighs as she eagerly spread her legs wider, holding the device at the opening to Brandi's vagina as Kelly grabbed on as well. The gynoids leaned forward, licking and sucking at Brandi's new breasts. Then, in unison, they inserted the dildo deep into her freshly formed pussy. Brandi squealed with delight, rocking her hips up and down as the device began to pulse, vibrating slightly as it deposits an even larger supply of nanites into the core of her rapidly changing system.

A lubrication handling module developed deep within Brandi's pussy and the device latched on to it. With its connection to the new unit fully established, the flow of nanites increased as an equal amount of organic material ran in the opposite direction.

In a few short moments, the nanites work became evident as silicone replaced skin, titanium took the place of bone, and nerves and blood vessels gave way to circuitry. Brandi shuddered in an orgasm even greater than her last, as she gave up her humanity for a new electronic existence. She gazed lovingly into Kelly's visor, seeing her own nearly identical reflection within. The pair of gynoid girlfriends were mirror images of each other, as Brandi's identical hairstyle in black, gold boots and gloves, blue bra-like markings and insert with red highlights complemented Kelly's coloration.

"Gynoid conversion complete. I am unit GN-2/138/104C Brandi, you may call me Brandi."

Kelly wrapped her new gynoid girlfriend into a hug and kissed her deeply.

Brandi returned the kiss and smiled at Kelly. "Your turn," she said as she began licking down Kelly's neck.

"Brandi, do you ever think of anything other than sex?" she asked.

"Nope," the gynoid replied with a giggle, remembering their conversation earlier that day as she settled in to devour Kelly's synthetic pussy. Even as Brandi drove her lover to new heights of ecstasy, she was formulating ways to share her gift with her many friends.

After a few hours, the master bedroom was in a shambles but Sarah was too tired to care. She pulled herself out of the tangle of fembots in her bed and connected herself to a charging station. Settling in and enjoying the pulse of electrons filling her batteries, she checked in on the nanites she had deployed this afternoon.

As she pulled on the data on Subject #2, a schematic of his body appeared to hover before her. No physical changes were evident yet. Nanite activity was high in various parts of his brain, particularly the ones responsible for sexual arousal. Visual cortex was extremely active. His heart was beating rapidly; his breathing was fast.

As more data came to her, Sarah's connection grew stronger. She could sense what he was sensing, think what he was thinking.

'Women, tits, ass, pussy, fuck, fuCK, FUCK'

He was mastubating. He was jerking off to porn. Lesbian porn. "All Girl Gang Bang, Volume 3" to be precise. Sarah smiled as her connection with her subject ended in a brilliant flash of white. SHE'D be living out HER fantasies soon enough.

Sarah turned her attention to Thea. Judging by her schematic data, this subject was much further along. Thea had settled into bed, Joe lay next to her already asleep. Thirty-seven percent of her brain had been converted to complex electronic circuitry. That was enough that the young woman paid no attention to the fact that her clitoris was now a hard nub of tactile sensors covered in silicone. Sarah began feeding data directly into Thea's mind. Thea slipped her hand into her panties as her daydreams started again.

Thea was in a king sized bed in an unfamiliar room, lying naked beneath silk sheets. The room was lit by hundreds of candles placed all around. Thea lay still on the bed as she heard the door open. A pair of gynoids entered the room, Dani and Nina. They smiled at her before they took a spot on either side of the bed. As Sarah entered the room, Dani and Nina pulled down the sheet. Each took one of Thea's hands and pulled it against their own body. Thea happily began exploring the clefts between their legs. Sarah eased her way along Thea's body as she joined the trio. She licked and sucked in all the right places. Finally, her lips were on Thea's mouth and they kissed deeply.

"It's almost time, my darling," Sarah said. "You are nearly ready to learn all the wonders I can offer you. Do you want it, my dear?"

Thea looked deep into Sarah's gaze and nodded.

"Good," Sarah said as she lowered herself back down the bed. Dani and Nina held Thea's arms tight as Sarah positioned herself between Thea's thighs.

"Cum for me," Sarah said before kissing Thea lightly, "Then come to me." Sarah dove back down, intent on licking and sucking in earnest. Thea felt Sarah's face buried in her crotch, sucking on her clit, pulling it between her teeth and teasing it with her tongue. She felt herself on the brink as Sarah stopped and looked up at her. "Cum for me. Then come to me," she repeated.

Sarah dove back down. This time, the sensation was different. Sarah's hair no longer tickled her thighs, and her teeth weren't as sharp against her skin. Her mouth was pressed close against her, like Sarah's nose was no longer in the way. Dani and Nina released Thea's hands, allowing the woman to reach down and hold Sarah's head, as her tongue pistoned in and out of her hole. Thea came!

Through her orgamic haze, Thea watched as Sarah moved back up her body. The magenta haired gynoid smiled at her friend as she moved to kiss her. She tasted her own juices on the gynoid's purple lips as she returned the affection.

"I am unit GN-2/138/052C Sarah, you may call me Sarah," the gynoid announced.

Thea kissed her lover passionately, "Sarah," she exclaimed, "you're beautiful."

"Just as you can be," Sarah promised. "Come to me now, my darling. A wonderful new life is yours for the taking. Magnificence beyond your previous existence. Come here and join me in it now."

Thea woke up. Her husband was still sleeping soundly next her. She moved slowly but with a definite purpose as she rose from the bed and pulled on a pair of yoga pants, slipping a tee shirt over her head.

Tiptoeing carefully out of the room and down to the garage, she grabbed her keys from the kitchen counter on the way by. Thea masturbated slowly as she drove across town, but her eyes remained focused on the road, stimulating just enough to keep her flaming desire from burning into distraction.

She pulled into the Thornton's driveway and walked to the front door. Her firm nipples poked through her thin shirt, her sweaty hair plastered to her face. She rang the bell.

A moment later the door swung open. Sarah stood there before her in her true form, Thea whimpering at the sight. "Thea, my dear," Sarah said, "You're in such a state. Come, come, I have just the thing. We'll have you processed in no time."

She followed without hesitation as Sarah made her way downstairs, Thea discarding her clothes along the way....

Moments later, Thea stood patiently in the conversion tank as the device did its work. Sarah, Alana, Dani and Nina watched with eager anticipation as their sister's conversion proceeded rapidly. Thea smiled under her breathing mask, as the wondrous plans Adria made were revealed to her. She was proud the small role she was destined to play seemed so important. The arms disengaged from her wrists and ankles as she pulled the mask away, waiting for the liquid to drain.

Thea promptly stepped out of the chamber. Directed by her programing, she said "Gynoid conversion complete. I am unit GN-2/138/109C Thea, you may call me Thea." Sarah tightly embraced the blue and silver gynoid to welcome her to the family.

"Let's go light the candles," Dani said to Nina, as Sarah and Thea stumbled up the stairs, kissing ecstatically as they moved.

"Be there in a minute," Alana agreed.

Alana made her way to the laundry with five vials of biological material. She inserted them into the converted washing machine before activating it. The device went into operation, almost as if it had originally been built for this new purpose. Alana stood patiently waiting for it to finish its work. In a matter of minutes the cycle was completed, and Alana removed five new human replication suits for her newest sisters. As she made her way up the stairs, she heard moans of pleasure from every room. It had been a good a day. Tomorrow would be even better.